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دورة التربية العسكرية

اعلان هام

علي كل طلاب معهدي الإدارة والهندسة

الراغبين في التسجيل في دورة التربية العسكرية

المقرر لها إجازة نهاية العام الدراسي 2018/2019

سرعة التسجيل بقسم العلاقات الوزارية مع تسليم عدد 

 ( صورة البطاقة + 2 صورة شخصية +ID CIC صورة  )

اخر موعد للتسجيل يوم 25/04/2019

لن يتمكن الطالب من التخرج بدون إجتياز الدورة

CMS Evaluation

يرجي الدخول علي CMS لملء استمارة تقييمك لكل المواد المسجلة في الفصل الدراسي الثاني 2018/2019
Please open your CMS in order to fill in the evaluation form for each course. 


Deadline for drop courses with grade W

Wednesday, April 24,2019

Deadline for suspension

Thursday, April 18,2019

Deadline to drop semester/year for registered students

Thursday, April 18,2019

Start of the final exams for spring 2018/2019 (Engineering)

Thursday, May 4,2019

Start of the final exams for spring 2018/2019 (Business)

Thursday , May 4,2019

Results available for spring 2018/2019

Thursday, May 30,2019

Course grade revision

After EID El-Fetr vacation

           2 days only

CIC Students in the Dual and Canadian Programs in all Schools


(ICEAP) CBU English Exam


CIC International Office is pleased to announce that CBU English Exam will take place on NEW CAIRO Campus on April 21th  to April 24th 2019.


Kindly, if you haven’t attained your English Proficiency score yet, hurry up to register your name at CIC International Office and pay the exam fees ($220as seats are limited.


The CIC English Department is also offering you a Preparation Course that will be on March 31th to April 18th 2019. inclusive.  Registration for this course will help you, but it is optional and will cost L.E 500 only.


Deadline for registering and payment for the exam only is April 16 th 2019.


Note: This is the last chance for cohort 2017



Wish you all good luck.

For Registration contact CIC International Office            


Business Student's Announcement

Please make sure to have a copy of the 

Business Terminology Dictionary

in the CIC Photo Coping Center.

B-Tech Training Course

The Registration of the B-Tech Training Course will start on Sun  17 Mar 2019  from 10 AM To 2 PM " in Room 205 or 121

Midterm Exam Announcement

All Student should check the final version of the Midterm Exam schedule posted inside campus.

Dear Zayed students Cohort 2018

For all cohort 2018 students whose CGPA is at least  1.5 and less than 2 you should refer to Mrs. Reham Taha  Room B113 urgently, concerning the add of (introduction to Marketing) to their schedules in order to raise your CGPA.


الطلبة دفعة 2018 الذين يبلغ معدلهم التراكمى على 1.5 و أقل من 2 التوجه الى B113  أ/ ريهام طه للاهميه بشأن تسجيل مادة اضافية (introduction to Marketing) وذلك لرفع معدلهم التراكمي. 


 Dear Business Training Students Cohort 2018
Kindly note that your training lectures meeting will start from next week
24th Feb. 2019
Please refer to (My Schedule) tab to see your schedule.





أعزائنا الطلاب

برجاء العلم بان موعد تقديم طلب مراجعة رصد الدرجات 
Course Grade Revision يبدأ بعد إعلان النتيجة و لمدة يومان علي الأكثر







 (Lectures / Exams)


  • The student should attend at least 70 % of all the lectures (4 lectures/ 4 weeks) to be able to attend the final exams.
  • Acceptance required from the head or the dean of each school.
  • Note: Accepted cases will be during 72 hours from the date of the accepted reason.

 Medical Cases: 

  • Private clinics Medical report will not be accepted.
  • Emergency cases (surgery or similar) only will be accepted.

Required papers for submitting:

  • Hospital Medical reports with in and out date.
  • CIC doctor Confirmation report.

 Death of Guardian or sibling: 

  • Maximum 3 days from the date of death.

Required papers for submitting:

  • Original Death report of the Guardian or sibling.

 Renewal of Residence: 

  • Maximum 5 days, if the residence will be expired. 

Required papers for submitting: 

  • Original paper residence.


Good Luck



Dear Student

Please be informed that you are responsible to secure your CIC account password , any action on the system will be your responsibility (Financially or academically)

If you have any problem with your password you can change it through the CIC labs by pressing on CTRL+ALT+DEL, then click change password



 CIC Exams Rules & Regulations 

 To ask about more information Please go to the front desk and make sure to fill in your declaration.





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